US PGA Championship 2018

US PGA Championship Live: The 2018 PGA, the 100th edition of this prestigious tournament, will be held at the Belairiff Country Club in St. Louis, Missouri on Thursday. PGA Championship is the fourth and final event of the 2018 golf season, the year that has watched its fair share of excitement from the Masters at the US Open and the British Open so far.

Now, the season is expected to end with a final festival, not to mention the prestigious Wanamaker Cup, for a hook. It’s a tournament that many people want to win, but only one will appear as Sunday’s champion.

US PGA Championship 2018 Live

He bettors installed Dustin Johnson favorite in this as his favorite event, the opening of the winner in 2016 at the US Open at +800 odds, a bet would be $ 8 for each bet $ 1 back in 34 years. Rory McElroy, who came out of a big show at Carnoustie and has a six-point streak in six consecutive races, right behind Johnson in 2007.

The winner of the prize last year in the Wanamaker Trophy competition, Justin Thomas, is 1400 to defend his title – the first professional player to him – he got it in the Quail Hollow seems to be a good bet after he made a strong victory in the WGC -Bridgestone Invitational last week. Jordan Spaeth, who despite winning the first two centers in each of the Open and Masters, suffers from relatively low due to his fight in a permanent place near the top of the standings, and Brooks Koepka, open starter in the defending. (The only player since the beginning of the 2016 season wins several major currencies), taking advantage of the top five prospects at +2000 each.

Tiger Woods, the four-time winner of the event, managed to break the top 10 by 2800, while long-time rival Phil Mickelson, the winner of the 2005 PGA, sits lower on the table at +10000.

The PGA Championship seems to be open this year, which is appropriate given that the course is a substitute. Bellerive has not received a major event dating back to the PGA Championship in 1992 and did not participate as a tourist station since the BMW tournament in 2008. To make things more difficult for competitors who are already dealing with some unknown things, they He opened the sky and stepped back irregularly during Wednesday’s training round, which limits the time when players receive the final order.

Fortunately, it is expected that the rain stops rising and that water in general is not an important factor during the cycle itself. Bellerive does not boast of having many water hazards, but many trees, endless and thick fifths can challenge even the best contenders this weekend.

Of course, the lessons can be predicted with a series of holes that can only be played once from the tee. Golfers who can hit long must thrive in the hot and humid weather in St. Louis, which will help shoot shots in an excellent manner. The greens look very soft due to the rain, which is supposed to lead to some low points since the players are at zero on the pin. Dustin Johnson, Rory McElroy and Justin Thomas are the top three favorites for good reason this week, as they are the three longest on the tour.

It all takes McIlroy golfers an average of 319.8 yards from the tee, Johnson a little behind in sixth place thanks to an average drive of 315.3 yards, while Thomas ranks ninth in the average of 313.8 yards. This is not a surprise three of the best players in the green-hitting gears acquired, where Johnson leads the way by a wide margin, with an average of 2,161, Thomas ranks second with a 1,648 average and McIlroy in the top 10, as well as 1,394. These stars will surely have a great chance of winning the Wanamaker Trophy Cup this weekend, but they will undoubtedly be challenged by a host of other contenders who can take advantage of the conditions and record low results.

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Before reaching these expectations, read on to see the full timeline, start times, televisions and live streaming information of all Bellerive actions. You can also find quotes from major players, related Tweets and more about the PGA 2018 Championship.

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